Cinema 4d Export Conversion System By Okino

Okino's Arctic toolkit provides the front-end to the CINEMA-4D animation export system, and thus fully utilizes its "dense matrix" keyframe resampling and reduction algorithms. Arctic also is used to ensure that all Euler animation output is properly exported because Euler animation conversion. This panel controls the export "animation conversion engine". This engine allows object, camera and light animation data to be exported cleanly and properly to CINEMA-4D. Okino pioneered the concept of animation cross conversion and hence has a very complex & refined "conversion engine" which is used all throughout the 3D production market. This dialog box controls how referenced bitmap texture files will be handled during the CINEMA-4D export process. These two options are basically: 1. Output a filename reference to a file on the local disk. Do not modify the bitmap filename reference and do not perform any bitmap conversion. The following options define what will be done to NURBS Curves primitives during the export phase when their 'renderable' flag is enabled: Output as if the 'renderable flag' was not set [ convert and output as CINEMA-4D spline curves ] The NURBS Curve primitive will be converted into a corresponding CINEMA-4D spline curve. CINEMA-4D does not support the Okino luminous emission color. When this option is selected, the shading parameter is set to some "good" default value as determined by the export converter. This default value will be displayed in the input text box.

Thus, the Okino resampler does not need to be forcibly enabled and executed, allowing the original animation curves from the source 3D program to flow unimpeded into the CINEMA-4D file. Global Scene Modifications. Flip "Y-Up" to "Z-Up" coordinate system. This option allows the default coordinate system to be set for the CINEMA-4D file. PolyTrans-for-Cinema-4D is an entirely new generation of Okino software which allows for native conversion of 3D data to/from the native Cinema 4D.c4d file format R12 and newer without any reliance on the Cinema 4D program itself or on the built-in converters which come bundled with MAXON's Cinema 4D software. 06/07/2012 · The is one of Okino's key DCC/Animation import converters which allows COLLADA.dae files to be loaded from any program which saves out COLLADA compliant files of the. Convert and Optimize CAD for DWG Applications - Anark Corporation. Feb 10 - Okino Updates SolidWorks CAD Conversion System 3D Format Wars! COLLADA.dae 3D PERSPECTIVES. So, I have all sorts of people telling me that Okino Polytrans is the way to go to get Solidworks Assembly files to.C4D. I have a bunch of Solidworks.sldprt files of mechanical systems. I have no need for materials or lights or cameras, just separated mesh files with everything in place.

This is because 3ds Max does not support import of Cinema 4D format without proper plugin for example Okino. It should be noted that CINEMA 4D itself should at least in some version possess an export function to 3ds Max formats. Open C4D file Open MAX file. 22/09/2013 · Since there had been no answer to this question, I'll provide this info for the future reference of others. Since 1996 there has been only one dedicated CAD and SolidWorks -> Cinema-4D conversion system.

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