Chlorococcales Chlorophyta Of Sindh Pakistan

Contribution To The Algal Flora Chlorophyta.

Leghari et al., 2001 worked on Chlorococcales Chlorophyta of Sindh, Pakistan. The work examined the algal mass present as a source of nutrient in the lakes and ponds for fishes in lower Sindh region. Leghari 2001, reported 31 species of Chlorophyta and Dinobryon cylindricum of Chrysophyta from fresh water riverian ponds. Diversity of the Genera of Chlorophyta in Fresh Waters of District Swat N.W.F.P Pakistan. belonging to order Chlorococcales from Sindh. Reshmi 2004. but inadequate research in this field has been conducted in many energy deficient nations such as Pakistan.

The algal flora was assessed at five different localities of District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan at altitude 972-2,061 m a.s.l. Altogether, 105 taxa of algae from Charophyta and Chlorophyta divisions were found for the first time in 200 samples of algae collected during 2007-2016. Phytochemistry and Bioactivity of Some Freshwater Green Algae from Pakistan B. Ghazala and M. Shameel Department oi' Botany, University of Karachi, Karachi. Pakistan Abstract Eleven green algae belonging to the phyla Volvocophyta Chlorophyta, and Charophyta were collected from vari-ous freshwater habitats of Sindh Pakistan during Feb

Abstract: abstract - taxonomic survey of chlorophyta volvocales, chlorococcales, zygnematales from pampulha reservoir, mg. a taxonomic survey of planktonic chlorophyta volvocales, chlorococcales, zygnematales was performed in the pampulha reservoir minas gerais, brazil. samples were collected monthly, from may 1992 to. Chlorococcales Chlorophyta of Sindh, Pakistan. Sultan Mahmood Leghari,. Charales Charophyta from Fresh and Brackish Water of Sindh, Pakistan. Sultan Mahmood Leghari and Anders Langangen: Journal of Biological Sciences Volume 1, Number 6, 461-465, 2001. OCCURRENCE OF THE GENUS CHARA CHAROPHYTA IN SHEIKHUPURA DISTRICT OF PAKISTAN A. ZARINA1, MASUD-UL-HASAN2 AND MUSTAFA SHAMEEL3 1Department of Botany, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus, Karachi-75300 2Haleema Sheikh Street No. 12, Shahgoharabad, P. O. Baghbanpura, Lahore-54920. T.M. Jehangir's research while affiliated with University of Sindh, Jamsboro, Sindh, Pakistan and other places.

Free Online Library: Limnological Study of Fishponds and Kalribaghar Lower Canal at Chilya Fish Hatchery Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan.Report by "Pakistan Journal of Zoology"; Zoology and wildlife conservation Fish hatcheries Research Limnology Zooplankton Identification and classification. In this study 138 Chlorophycean species belonging to 56 genera, 25 families and 9 orders were recorded. Among these 74 species 53.6% belong to 22 genera and 7 families of order Chlorococcales. Four species 3% belong to 3 genera and 1 family of order Cladophorales. Three species 2.2% belong to 3 genera and 3 families of order Chaetophorales. Limnological Study of Sonharo, Mehro Pateji and Cholari Lakes of District Badin, Sindh Pakistan. University of Sindh Jamshoro, 76080, Sindh, Pakistan 'Institute of Chemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, 76080 Sindh, Pakistan. species of Chlorophyta. Beside, 28 species of fish and 8 species of shrimps were identified.

Chickan Lake is famous historical lake located at Palh village 26º 57’33.94 N, 67º 51’ 06. 10 E in the province of Sindh, 28 km North of Dadu city and Present investigation of an ecological studies of phytoplankton of Chickan Lake during January 20016 to December 2016. Some Fresh Water Green Filamentous Algae Chlorophyta and Dinoboron cylindrica Chrysophyta from Lakes and Riverin Ponds of Sindh, Pakistan. By S. M. Leghari. Abstract. In the present work reports 31 species of Chlorophyta and Dinobryon cylindricum of Chrysophyta from fresh water riverian ponds. Synonyms for Chlorococcales in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Chlorococcales. 1 synonym for Chlorococcales: order Chlorococcales. What are synonyms for Chlorococcales?

Seasonal fluctuations of 16 dominant genera of phytoplankton, belonging to 4 groups, Cyanophyta, Chlorophyta, Euglenophyta and Bacillariophyta found in Manchar lake were studied. Genus Anabaena, Chroococcus, Merismopedia, Microcystis and Pediastrum were found dominant during spring and summer months. Oocystis and Scenedesmus were dominant. How to cite this article: S. M. Leghari, T. M. Jahangir, M. Y. Khuhawar and Abdullah Leghari, 2001. Physico-Chemical and Biological Studies of Euthermal Sulphur and Chliarothermal Springs Lakki Shah Saddar District Dadu Sindh, Pakistan. Limnological Study of Sonharo, Mehro Pateji and Cholari Lakes of District Badin, Sindh Pakistan. are brackish water lakes. Majority of algal flora belong to Bacillarophyta, Cyanophyta and Enteromorpha species of Chlorophyta. Beside, 28 species of fish and 8 species of shrimps were identified. Services: Related Articles in ASCI. University of Karachi, Pakistan area to make a detailed investigation on the taxonomy of green algae inhabiting the freshwater environment of various districts of the Punjab and certain areas of N.W.F.P. and Azad Kashmir. Among green algae, those belonging to the phyla Chlorophyta, Charophyta and Vaucheriophyta were selected for the present study.

Water Quality Assessment of Haleji Lake Sindh, Pakistan A Ramsar Recognized Site 1,2TAJ MUHAMMAD JAHANGIR, 2, 1MUHAMMAD YAR KHUHAWAR, 3,1SULTAN MEHMOOD LEGHARI, 3MUKHTIAR AHMED MAHAR AND 4 MUHAMMAD SAEED BALUCH 1Institute of Advanced Research Studies in Chemical Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. PAKISTAN Kashif Ali1, Bakhtiar Gul2, Fida Hussain1, Haroon Khan2, Murad Ali3, Sajjad Ali6, Shahid Ali4 and Khwaja Junaid5 ABSTRACT The study of algae is very attractive due to their prehistoric and cosmopolitan nature. Algae are capable to survive in uncertain environment. Charophyta are mainly freshwater organisms. They tend to grow in slow-moving or standing water. Rhizoids anchor Charophyta into mud or sand. Some species, such as Lamprothamnium succinctum and Nitellopsis obtusa can be used to dected the presence of fish in a body of water, as well as indicate the overall quality of the water. 1992 reported 42 species of Blue green algae from Keenjhar Lake, Sindh. Arbani and Sahato, 1995 reported a few species of the family Chlorococcales in fish pond at Chillia, Sindh. Javed and Hayat, 1995 assesses water quality in the River Ravi and its influence on different plankton taxa. 2016. Study of fresh water algae in district Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Int. J. Agric. Environ. Res., 23: 237-241. STUDY OF FRESH WATER ALGAE IN DISTRICT CHARSADDA, KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA, PAKISTAN TABASSUM YASEEN1, MIAN FAZLI JALEEL1 AND FAZLI MALIK SARIM1 1Department of Botany, Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, Pakistan.

In the present study, 36 species, 16 Phaeophyceae, 12 Rhodophyta, and 8 Chlorophyta belonging to 14 families and 22 genera were recorded before and after the cyclone at 5 dive sites from the coastal waters along the Sindh coast, Pakistan. Out of 36 species, 33 were identified to. Some Studies on Water Quality and Biological Life at Kinjhar and Haleji Lakes of District Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. Fulltext - Some Studies on Water Quality and Biological Life at. • name and describe important freshwater resources of Pakistan • explain the zonation of different aquatic habitats. • describe the fauna and flora of freshwater bodies Brief description of freshwater resources of Pakistan, types of freshwater habitats and their zonation. Study of life form, structure. reproduction of Chlorophyta type: Chalamydomonas, general classification of algae and its economic importance. Laboratory-I: Fresh Water Biology and Fisheries 50 Marks a. Study of external and internal features of Dogfish and Rahu b. Study of representative freshwater food fish of Pakistan. SHAMEEL,M. Contributions to theChaetophoraceae Chlorophyta of the Coast of Karachi West Pakistan. Botanica Marina 21 1978 387-391, 3 fig. Key to 3 spp. SIVALINGAM,P.M. Marine algal distribution in Penang Island. Bull.Jap.Soc. Phycol. 25 1977 202-209, 2 pi., 1 map, 2 tab. Ecology; name list. SLUIMAN,H.J. A note on Bostrychia scorpioides.

Characterization of macroalgal communities in the coastal waters of Sindh Pakistan, a region under the influence of reversal monsoons Author links open overlay panel Amjad Ali. Seven blue-green and three green algae were collected from various freshwater habitats of Sindh Pakistan during January 1997 - December 1999. Chlorophyta, and Charophyta revealed differences in their FA-, sterol- and terpene-compositions. Zygnemophyceae from Pakistan International Journal on Algae, Vol.14, 2012, issue 3 M. N.

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