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06/12/2012 · Re: ByRef argument type mismatch your function expected a string passed byref but you were passing a variant instead. simplest fix would be to pass byval Please Login or. In future, please include your code in the question, not just a picture of your code. In this case the mistake was so obvious that people didn't need to debug the code, but usually people need to be able to copy/paste your code into their computer in order to test it, and they shouldn't be forced to retype it before they can help you.. 16/06/2013 · VBA中子函数调用时出现如下错误:ByRef Argument Type Mismatch,参数类型不匹配)代码如下:Function MainFunc Dim a, b, c As Integer a =. 16/02/2011 · In the ByVal case, type coercion does what most users would expect. Not to weird you out, but this would have worked with your original code: dblLoopLengthInner = SpiralArcdblTapethickness, dblThetaInner Per the help file the extra parentheses cause the variable to be evaluated and 'promoted' to a double in a temporary variable of the precise type.

ByRef argument type mismatch since the function AddtoWhere only accepts parameters byRef, you got to declare your variables of mycriteria and argcount accordingly. in Sub Private Sub btnSearch_Click, try add: Dim mycriteria As String Dim argcount As. 20/03/2017 · Ah, crap. Thanks! I didn't want to use a different variable for dates, but it looks like I'm going to have to. Thanks for the help. 1980.

12/03/2014 · 自定义函数出现 byref argument type mismatch我在使用自定义函数的时候,运行到下面粗体部分的时候,出现下面的错误byref argument type mismatchIf Format_Checkbrr_HRAx, 1, Application.WorksheetFuncti.ExcelVBA程序开发. 17/06/2005 · RE: ByRef argument type mismatch error? It looks like the Function TYLY Declared as an integer is returning the.value property of celly,38 from the TValue Function declared as a long. 07/08/2013 · Re: Excel VBA Passing a Passed Object creates ByRef Argument type mismatch Thanks for the reply - One of those days when the brain is simply cross wired. Of course if I pass the parameters as worksheets rather than objects it works perfectly. As always I. 06/08/2013 · Re: Excel VBA Passing a Passed Object creates ByRef Argument type mismatch. Thanks for the reply - One of those days when the brain is simply cross wired. Of course if I pass the parameters as worksheets rather than objects it works perfectly. As always I appreciate the assistance. Have a great day!

Understand by value ByVal and by reference ByRef parameters Procedure arguments, either for a subroutine or a function, are declared either as ByVal or ByRef. The use of ByVal means that the called procedure does not want to change the value of the argument passed to it whereas the use of ByRef means that the called procedure may change the value. Nevermind, I had the arguments in the wrong order which didn't sho in my carefully edited snippets. I was calling CalculateDetails thusly: Call CalculateDetails _.

  1. VBA ByRef Argument Type Mismatch string into string. 3. VBA ByRef argument type mismatch. Hot Network Questions How can I deal with my coworkers using unknown jargon and acronyms? Possible way to counter or sidestep split-second spells like Trickbind in a particular situation How.
  2. 23/09/2017 · Using Excel 2013. When I try to call my sub CopyPasteData, I get the error ""vba byref argument type mismatch". The problem most likely is due to the.
  3. Now we can see the value of variable “A” is 50 this is because since we have used the word “ByRef” to declare the variable “A” which is same as in Macro1 it has captured the value we have assigned to this variable “A” from the Macro1.
  4. When I try to set the variable weekdayName using the function and the searchDate variable I get a ByRef argument type mismatch. On Sheet 2: Public weekdayName As String In Sub: weekdayName = calcWeekdayNamesearchDate The current value of B3 is 28/03/2016 but I.

19/02/2018 · Passing variable to Word BYRef argument Type Mismatch Im. Passing variable to Word BYRef argument Type Mismatch I think the issue is the fact this document was originally produced from a central template which is the document thats mentioned in Document References. Everything you ever wanted to know about variables. Declaring, getting, setting, objects, UDTs, ByRef and ByVal. ByRef Argument Type Mismatch. This does not occur when passing ByVal. C books. Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2008. 19/11/2012 · This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. 29/10/2012 · Hi The intention is to get the function FD to accept an integer and an array of doubles as input and return a double value. I've searched various forums and references and I think I have this part right. However when I compile, I run into a "ByRef argument type mismatch" when calling FD. I just can't see how the argument types are. byref argument type mismatch " Anscheinend existieren die anderen Combos im Speicher schon nichtmehr, weil ja das Dokument geschlossen wird, oder irgendwas anderes stimmt nicht. Auf jeden Fall: Ich suche eine möglichkeit, den Fehler einfach zu ignorieren bzw. zu beheben.

25/03/2018 · unsolved ByRef argument type mismatch highlights the Worksheet parameter in my function submitted 1 year ago by TheGR3EK 1 I'm trying to make a function to get the last row of a specified sheet and column letter/index and getting the above error. I'm new to vba, but I'm trying to create a function that dynamically finds the range of an entire sheet to be used in other macros for data cleaning. Here is the function: Public Function FindRa. I'm working with VBA. I wrote a user define function that takes a string, process it and return a cleaned string. I am not sure what is wrong with it. I am not able to call it and ask it to process. Byref Argument Type Mismatch - Excel View Answers I am new to VBA and trying to do a simple procedure call and getting hit with the message "ByRef argument type mismatch". 03/02/2011 · Many thanks for the coding provided in an earlier thread to be able to snapshot document, save as pdf and email it. Unfort I have done everything as instructed and am still having problems.

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