Nathanson Liver Retractors And Systems Nathanson

The Nathanson Liver Retractor, used during laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, fully supports and retracts the liver. It is inserted through a small incision and has been designed to evenly distribute the weight of the liver. Available in three sizes, in two diameters 5mm and 6.5mm, and come with. NATHANSON STRONGARM™ SYSTEMS NATHANSON FLEX ARM™ SYSTEMS NATHANSON LIVER RETRACTORS AND SYSTEMS Each of the Systems below features Ref. No. 73000 Single Arm StrongArm Holder and Positioner along with 3 Nathanson Hooks and 2 Instruments Tips. The Hooks and Tips each feature The Mediflex Hexagonal Fitting that allows them to be easily attached. Nathanson Liver Retractor Specifications Documents Images. Nathanson Liver Retractors. Used to fully support and retract the liver during laparoscopic upper GI surgery, enabling a better view of the operating field. This product line is serviced by the following clinical divisions.

Nathanson Liver Retractors from Mediflex® have proven to be ideal for laparoscopic liver retraction as they support the entire liver to provide atraumatic exposure. The retractors feature a hexagonal proximal end which fits securely into the Quick-Connect Hex Fitting of all Mediflex® FlexArms™ and StrongArms™. This dir. Model No. 73000-NLR. StrongArm™ Nathanson Liver Retraction System with 5.0mm Hooks. The System features the Front Mount Single Arm StrongArm Holder and Positioner along with three 5.0mm Nathanson Hooks and two Instrument Tips. The Hooks and Tips each feature the Mediflex® Hexagonal Fitting that allows them to be easily attached to and. Product details page for Nathanson Liver Retractor is loaded. Toggle Navigation. Products. Wound Reconstruction & Care. Surgery Centers & Tissue Banks > Omni-Tract ® > Blades & Retractors > Nathanson Liver Retractor. Nathanson. Omni-Tract® Table Mounted Retractor System IFU: Integra® Surgical Instrument Solutions Booklet. Nathanson Liver Retractor Specifications Images. Nathanson Liver Retractors. Used to retract the left lobe of the liver during surgery in the upper gastro-intestinal region. This product line is serviced by the following clinical divisions.

Nathanson Hook Liver Retractors. Showing all 4 results. Nathanson Hooks 5mm Set of 3 LAP-201 Read more; Nathanson Hooks 6.5mm Set of 3 Heavy Duty LAP-202 Read more; Pediatric Nathanson Hooks 3mm Set of 2 LAP-203 Read more; Nathanson Hooks 3mm. Spinal Retractor Systems; Table Mounted Retractors; Instrument Stringers; Address. 19/06/2014 · Insertion of the Nathanson liver retractor for retraction of the left lobe of liver as required for operations on the stomach. Artisan Medical's Nathanson Hooks are the most popular liver retractors in the world. They work well on all cases needed to retract the liver. The LAP-201 is 5mm in diameter and comes in 3 sizes to accommodate any size liver. Other diameter sizes are available. Buy together with Artisan Medical's Iron Martin Arm to have the perfect system for. Mounted Surgical Arms and Laparoscopic Retractors available to-day. First used in 1969 to hold a valve retractor in open-heart surgery,. Nathanson Liver Retractors and Systems Nathanson Hooks for Liver Retraction.

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